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Hi All,

Its been another great week in my new job and statring to settle in, taking advantage of this time to plan for the future. Don’t often get this so if I do I like to take advantage.

I have learned a lot about new technologies emerging and think the new foldable phone looks awesome as both a phone and pda.

This week I have been learning lots about Aanalytics in HR. Really enjoying it and there are loads of new ideas out there and it seems to be progressing very quickly.

Looking forward I will be working on developing new skills and the website to make it a fun social place for creativity. Added Retro Games and this is just the beginning so watch this space.

This weekend going to be focusing on the forums and adding content I have seen and would like to share.

Have a great weekend everyone and I still need bloggers to share and collaborate with…..

Have a great weekend all 🙂


Please share if you know any bloggers who would like to join 🙂



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