Thursday, January 23, 2020
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Hi Everyone,

Its been a busy week again and I have learnt an awful lot, lots of things have caught my attention Zelda Art, onto other game art onto memes and finnaly Marvel. I have shared a section above that I will be uploading most of the posts I have shared this week to give you a glimpse, the rest are on the Forums,

Plus I have just 1000 twitter followers so thanks for reading my stuff. Also nearing the 1000 on Pinterest and Insta so thank you.

On top of that I have also been on a journey of self improvement and have decided to join the gym, its been a long time coming but I am really starting to believe that it is true that you need to look after your body as well as your mind.

It feels as if I am now settling in after a busy few weeks and I am starting to get used to my new team and people around me, Think I made the right choice for me in the end and its giving me the knowledge and resource for me to move on with my studies, starting with my Excel and Power Bi Microsoft qualifications.

Looking forward to next week and seeing and sharing more awesome Gaming, Tech and other Content.

If you would like us to share your stuff please sign up and drop us a line we would love to hear from you.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend and have a great week 🙂


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