Monday, January 27, 2020
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#Gaming #Marvel #Art #AI #Robotics

Hi Everyone,

It’s the weekend again and I have had another fantastic week, I have just updated the forums so please check the gaming section out 🙂

Most of my attention this week on Insta and Facebook has been on Marvel and Gaming Art, lots of great stuff out there. Please check out some of the posts – I am managing to post daily. Next week may be more of the same as I am still finding loads of great stuff.

On twitter I have seen a lots on AI, Robotics and Tech the future looks very interesting but are we one step away from Skynet? Awesome inventions and automation ideas and content is continuous at the moment from firefighting robots to ones that bring you Coffee which would be one of my favourites.

I am adding lots of thing all the time at the moment so enjoy – the community is growing fast on all Social Media platforms but I am trying to see all your posts as well – if there is anything you would like to share send me a message on the site more likely to see it.

Have a great weekend everyone 🙂

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