Wednesday, January 29, 2020
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#Loving #Life and #New #Tech

Happy weekend everyone.

I have learnt a lot. On Tuesday I went to an event in Leeds about Analytics in HR and the University. Very interesting if you are in to Analytics, even learning more about NLP and AI.

Finally made the switch to Samsung and traded in my iPhone – not regretting it so far as it’s a lot easier for me to blog and do social media on the fly.

I have seen loads on Social Media from Home Tech to Marvel and Nintento. We have also hit over 1000people on Twitter, Pinterest and Insta next goal 10k lol.

Been getting back into the Gym as well and had a health MOT. Key message need to go to the Gym more.

Looking at a lot of Wearable technology at the moment and it seems to have improved a lot of the last couple of years since I got the first generation iWatch.

I have added some new stuff to the forums but will be updating in the coming days. Thanks for reading and please feel free to like, follow and share with your friends.

Have a great weekend and take time to reflect and get some headspace 🙂

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