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In recovery from my Christmas Party but still alive – Just…

I have been working on the website this week and we have also launched an android app. The members gaming section has also been updated with a link to a large choice of free games – hope they keep you entertained.

With the updates and real life I missed my weekend blog last week but hope the updates are making the website more visually attractive.

New sections including updated games and an album section have been added – please like, share and comment on your favourites so I know what to include more of on the site.

Looking forward to Christmas and all prepared we have our tree 🙂 Looking forward to the holidays.

In terms of content really looking forward to Marvels Endgame next year and seen loads of good stuff – some shared in the attached galleries. Going to be updating the albums this weekend, check them out.

Hope you all have a great weekend and happy holidays.


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