Wednesday, February 26, 2020
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#Website #Collages # Fixed

Hey Everyone,

Thanks for all the likes and shares, we have had a lot of support this week and think we will soon break the 1k mark on Facebook. I have fixed the website (hopefully) and am slowing down on the posts and try and feature more originals over the coming weeks.

In addition to this we are now featuring HustlerByName on the site check out his stuff he is an awesome artist from Bradford, we have limited edition prints on sale and t-shirts – check out more of his work at

Think I have finally got the website set up to a style I like it’s taken a lot of tinkering but if you have any ideas please let me know – I would appreciate the feedback.

Coming up over the coming weeks I will be looking to improve the following sections:-

Fan Area – its been a little neglected

Content Uploads on Marvel, DC and More


Social Media Content

In the last couple of weeks I am starting to get back to my studies, I love coding, data modelling and visualisations and am looking to progress in these areas to become a data architect. Analytics is a passion of mine and I love the way that data connects us as well as tech and the improvements in AI.

I know a lot of people are not as geeky as me but I may feature a little bit more on these areas as well – its always good to keep learning.

Well signing of the week, please see some of our favourite collages and as always.

#Remember to #Live

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