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It’s Blog Time

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Hey everyone, hoping you are having a great weekend if you are reading this and feel free to share it. i have been busy on the site adding new content including Spiderman, Collages and more to come – check out the trailer as well.

Feeling excited about this as Samuel L Jackson is in it again as Fury – whoop. Hope you enjoy it and lots more otw.

Starting to make the website more user friendly and adding anchors etc so you can navigate it easier – we also have an amazon store where we can feature all stuff Marvel. I do get a small commission but this will hopefully help me share more stuff as its costing me to keep going – so if you need anything check out the site or get in touch and we will add it – maybe somebody else would like to see different things on the store as well.

Lots more to come over the coming weeks so keep checking in on us. I am loving Deadpool atm – awesome content out there.


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