Thursday, January 23, 2020
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Hey Everyone,

Thanks for checking out the blog, I have been really busy with the site and hope you are enjoying the trailers and pages, I am trying to make a community with similar interests to mine as well as some products that you may like.

I have a long weekend and will be spending most of it with the family, need inspiration for a film to watch with a upcoming 2 year old so any ideas are welcome, just going to give you an update and maybe some future plans this week.

Starting to get back to my studies and trying to teach myself Python and R, but still spending quite a lot of time on the site.

Looking to expand the store with my the communities favourite things as well as trailer, movies, tech gaming and more. Looking for new inspiration all the time. Looking to start to embed some games in the sites, hopefully some classics as well as more movie updates.

The community is growing on all forms of social media so I hope you are enjoying some of the content I am sharing – please feel free to join the fan area or post on the forums with your ideas.

Attached to this post are some of my favourite media of the last few weeks – enjoy and please share.

Have a great weekend everyone.

#Remember to Live

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