Well its time for a new post and I am excited about this one as I turn my attentions to Augmented Reality and the potential of this tech. I can see great Software and Hardware applications already and it’s just the beginning.

With the combination of technology and science together – the future looks bright. Operations with Augmented Reality and Robotics together with the latest scanning technologies, all this tech being connected together is looking to be the way forward – exciting times.

Augmented Reality Demo

I think Microsoft have been very smart making this more open, its great to see that people will be able to start to take full advantage of technology without the constraints of being tied into a Microsoft only platform. Tech companies should take this stance more often, and maybe they will be able to drive technology forward together with there own strengths – but I think that is probably a different article.

Back to AR – looking at some of the applications of this technology. This tech will really speed up the training process as it can give you on screen instructions and walk you though a step by step guide on screen in Augmented Reality. Actually showing things you can’t see behind objects.

Partner Solutions

This is also exciting as you can collaborate, bringing people together via avatars, actually being able to work together without leaving the room and jumping on a train or plane – saving all those transit miles and making people more productive.

Personally, I think this technology will change quicker than you think, hopefully the next get of HoloLens 2 and its upcoming competition will be able to get this to an affordable price for the consumer. Who will it be though?

I think we will be featuring more on this technology very soon. Personally I could talk about it all day…but in the meantime all this tech is great but #RememberToLive

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