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Smart Cities of the future – are they that far away?

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With technology advancing every day and the way we interact and live in our day to day lives changing so quickly its hard to keep up- the stuff movies are made of seems to be here now. Looks like Back to the Future and the Sci-Fi movies of the past coming true.

The key to all these technologies is the connection between humans, tech and nature. The roll out of 5G telecoms and smart technologies is increasing in pace. Smart Tech seems to be integrating into all our lives more everyday. Making it simpler to interconnect technologies.

There is lots to look forward to – hover cars, self driving cars, AI technologies, Smart Homes, Robotics to name just a few. These are the things I want to write about and interest me.

Then I also think we are achieving advances everyday – working smarter more efficiently. Why is there still poverty across the world, conflict and famine? Maybe once we are no longer reliant on oil as a driving factor and move out of the production methods killing the planet we could make the world a little nicer for everyone?

I see “Printed Houses” on Twitter and recycled container apartments and loads of other great ideas – yet these technologies don’t seem to be getting to the people who need them quick enough. How do we change this? Is a change in culture needed?

Well that’s enough for now – we will have lots more on individual smart city technologies in the future.

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