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Evolution of Gaming – Where is it going?

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Well going to give away my age I think, but within my lifetime we have moved from 16 bit Operating Systems when I was a child to Virtual Reality!!!!

I remember taking off extra drives from my 486DX so I could play Doom and Duke Nukem, but with technology moving so fast now what is going to be the natural evolution of gaming?

Whats Next?

At this moment in time, I believe that Augmented Reality headsets are a little out of price range but are a logical next step, with prices dropping Rapidly (Prime example the Hololens 2 below), so it looks like Microsoft may be the first to convert the tech and have the ability to get these Augmented Reality devices to the mass market first. Just a prediction from me but it seems the next logical step.

Just the beginning – AR?

That being said Playstation has VR out but still in my opinion at the high side of the price range compared to other PC based options, its an interesting time and there are so many possibilities.

The Future of Gaming?

With the improved speed of internet will we soon be utilising the processing power of Super Computers and just renting or paying a subscription for there processing Power? Then the base units can be based more on Graphics Power increasing texture rates at a cheaper price point as you don’t have to worry about having the most up to date CPU only GPU.

This would be my next logical progression, and with the rollout of Ultra Fast broadband and low latency connections why the hell not? At home now I get 362mb download speeds and this is just the tip of what is technically possible, so why not just leave the work up to a computer designed to take full advantage.

Think about it, you are going to save a fortune on expensive materials, enabling you not to have to worry about the constraints of the space gaming devices take up. It doesn’t really make a difference if you don’t have to see it in your front so it can sit in massive server room.

Check out some of my other posts in relation to this one on the Hololens from Microsoft this is astonishing trust me!!!

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