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Nintendo Top 5 Games of all time?

My favourite consoles when I was growing up were always Nintendo – even though I had many others. I have lots of fond memories of Mario, Zelda, Bowser and many more.

With the Switch now taking on the mantle, it has given new life to the console. In my opinion it’s a leap forward from the Wi.

I know it’s not everyone’s favourite but what would be your choice? and what would be your top 5 games or series? Below are mine.

  • 1 – Zelda – Breath of the Wild

This openworld game takes the best from the previous generations of this game and delivers on all levels. It’s one of those games where you can go back to it again and again and always find something new.

  • 2 – Super Mario 64

I was going to put in some of the original games from the NES and SNES – but to be honest this smashed them into oblivion in terms of gameplay. One I am tempted to get an N64 again.

Nintendo take a hint this is one for a 4k remaster – or maybe and added world of mini games for the next Mario as a completion prize?

  • 3 – GoldenEye

Quite simply this lead the way in terms of multiplayer mode – it has lead the way for a lot of games, this was the first and best in my opinion.

  • 3 – Zelda Ocarina of Time

Had to put this, the game was great.

  • 4 – Mario Kart

Personally I would put all the Mario Karts in. This is a great game and the multiplayer mode when it first started was a close second to GoldenEye.

Love this game – especially the online mode

  • 5 – Mario Odyssey

Great game and it was good to see Mario back to full strength in the latest release. It may be a bit simple or not gory enough for kids nowadays but still an awesome game.

Nostalgia for me take me back to my childhood

It’s been a while and after writing this post I want to go out and buy another switch and maybe also an N64 – emulators just aren’t the same.

Well its been fun going back through the classics. What would your top 5 be? Drop a comment or join us to keep in touch. #RememberToLive

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