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XBOX 2 the future of gaming is changing!

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Well the XBOX 2 looks to have some awesome specs, as well as future plans for online streaming, VR and 3 console versions. The power of this new system looks to be impressive. Microsoft are starting to leverage their knowledge of cloud computing and 8k technology as well.

With a stream version and VR additions in the pipeline, it looks like 2020 will be awesome. Looks like their will be different models going from a streaming version to the most powerful console.

It now also looks a platform will be launched for online streaming of games, opening up the platform to mobile phones and tablets. Now this does excite me in terms of a change in direction. This will hopefully start to lower the price for gaming. Lowering kit costs and being able to play on the go. Imagine a switch on your phone in the future.

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It looks like the next generation of gaming is going to be very exciting, with the potential of things like Hololens tech coming into scope for the future.

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