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The BI Journey: The Journey Begins

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Wow, I can really relate to this series of articles through my career so far. I love analytics aiming to be a Data Architect.

Although I have taken a different path of HR Analytics recently as I want to look at the connections between people metrics on value based measures.

Power Bi and TSQL have been my main tools into BI so far. Yet there is still so much more to learn.

I am sure many more analysts have followed the path in the article below. Personally I have a strong analytical mindset and find the natural progressions in this article completely logical.

It also shows how Bi and Data evolves as a business scales. Driving performance and operational insight.

Gone are the days of churning Excel Reports which is very labour intensive and prone to error.

Follow the BI Journey as detailed in the attached and drive your business forward. The time saved producing the Excel Reports or simple analytical tools will pay for itself.

It also allows you to be more agile and move forward in iterations rather than being stuck with basic MI that stands still due to the time it takes to produce.

I would recommend you to share this with anyone who is sceptical about BI and the Insight and operational improvements it can drive into your business.


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