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Since starting techsocialnetwork in 2018 I have found my love for blogging. Reading lot’s of content different topics. I should have done this sooner but I feel its about time to share what I have seen.

Personally, I feel it’s good to keep learning, taking in others perspectives and formulating your own opinions. All I ask is that you keep an open mind like I do and if you see anything you think is share worthy please do.

Social Media is a powerful tool, lets try and get the knowledge, ideas, fun shared with the masses. I am going to aim to update top blogs on a weekly basis so keep tuned. #RememberToLive

With this in mind and it being Mental Health awareness week this will be the first – its a subject close to my heart and I don’t believe it should be a taboo any longer.


The Many Faces of Anxiety and Panic Attacks

When I ask people that what they think about what chronic anxiety is, they respond that it is just a person who is anxious all the time and they have trouble with dealing with their anxiety all the time.

That is part of anxiety, but what they fail to understand is that there are many faces of a person who deals with anxiety daily. One of the most common I see is the I’m okay on the outside face. This face is the one where we tell those that know we suffer that “I am okay, don’t worry about me” because they feel like a burden on the ones that they love. I wear this face it because I don’t want people to worry about me, I feel like I am not worth it.

Anxiety is all in the mind, but it has real physical features. Some that I have experienced is hyperventilating, the cramping of my hands, shortness of breath, and unable to keep still. The worse part is your mind is telling you things like your going to die because of this, and there is nothing you can do–I call this one my panic attack face. It is funny because people have seen this face and they don’t understand what is happening.

I don’t blame someone who has never had a panic attack when they say, “You just need to calm down.”

Thanks! That is the cure all! They mean well but I have had panic attacks last for hours at a time (and I have had anxiety non-stop for days and even weeks at a time.) It means not having a moment of peace and it the face I wear when lost in my anxiety is the I’m not doing well face. The problem is that is it not much different than my I’m okay face and it can be deceiving because people think that there is nothing at all going on and in the inside of my mind I am falling through space with no end.

I hate my anxiety more than depression. I could watch movies and lay in bed all day. Anxiety can cripple you and drain you of your energy. When I am out in the world, I have my I am doing my best with my social anxiety face. I consider this my brave face because it is so hard for me to function for long stretches of time with my anxiety. I try my best to be a better person when I am around people who always bring up the worst thoughts in my mind because you fear so much with anxiety.

The worst part are the thoughts of having panic attacks in public, which is the worst fear that I face daily.

One time long ago I had a bad panic attack in public it was the worst in my life. I honestly thought that it was it, that I was going to die. My mind raced with the idea that I was going to have a panic attack. I couldn’t breathe, and my hands went numb. I couldn’t close a fist if wanted to, and the image of the ambulance and firetruck all around it still haunts me, and I fear that happening again.

Those of us struggling with chronic anxiety, generalized anxiety, and social anxiety are ordinary people. We have trouble living healthy lives, and for so many of us, we do live normal lives even with our crippling anxiety. So if a friend, family member, or significant other tries to talk about their anxiety you should listen. It might be just what gets them through their anxiety that day. Stay strong in the fight.

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Mental Health Awareness Week: 9 Daily Affirmations to Help Improve Mental Health

KimMental Health  16th May 2019 1 Minute

Good Evening Beautiful Souls.

Having a positive mindset can work wonders for your attitude.
Looking on the bright side of a situation can help you find more creative solutions, enjoy better health, do better in school or work and even live longer.

When people get into a negative rut or are dealing with depression or anxiety, their self-talk tends to be negative and pessimistic.

One way you can combat this tendency is to make time each day to say some positive affirmations.
Said out loud, these daily affirmations can improve mental health and turn you into a more optimistic person.

Here are 9 daily affirmations that you can start using today to improve your mental health:

  • I Love Myself For Who I Am.
  • I Am Strong And Capable.
  • How I Feel Matters.
  • I Allow Myself to Be in Only Healthy Relationships.
  • I Choose to Forgive & Let Go Of Anger.
  • I Choose to Let Go Of My Fear.
  • I Will Come Through This Challenge with a Better Understanding Of Myself.
  • I Deserve Happiness.
  • I Take Time To Care for My Body, Mind & Spirit.


    These affirmations are basic and only a starting point, I intend to look into these deeper as this week progresses, that being said, even the most basic of affirmations can begin to transform your mindset.

    With All My Love, 

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