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Analytics & My Journey So Far

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Well it has been a while since I did a post on Analytics but its been a busy 6 months. I have learnt an awful lot in terms of people analytics and statistics. I have started the automation process of data sets. Querying and joining data via SQL and importing into Power Bi then visualising the data. Highly automated and highly efficient allowing me to spend more time on other things,

If this was numbers it would be 10 times easier, but that’s why I took my current challenge in HR Analytics, yet I still feel that this field is under valued in the insight it can deliver to companies in my opinion as an industry as a whole.


Personally, I believe it is critical to have the Right People, in the Right Place, at the Right Time with the Right Skills. I am calling this the 3 R’s. If you achieve this fusion your company will prosper.

Agile skills and a mindset to think outside the box and Analytics can be a great foundation taking you through the journey of people in your company, what if you can analyze how people are impacting your company in a positive way. What people are doing differently and what skill sets they are implementing in there teams.

I am pretty sure that you will see a combination of empowerment, Agile Processes and Lean Six Sigma even if you don’t realise you are using them. It’s the mindset that takes time to develop. But what if you have the tools at your disposal to identify these needs via analytics early on, Giving your colleague the skills they don’t even know they need yet to develop their career.


In my early career I didn’t get these opportunities, but I didn’t go out and get them either. But a change of mindset to more self learning and 360 degree learning has helped me on my journey so far. Learning and mentoring and improving on my weaknesses has helped me progress back into analytics a job I really enjoy.

So to sum up giving people the right skills, if they want to up skill at there own pace is the way forward for your workforce. Giving them opportunities and succession planning for top performers. This will most likely improve retention as well. People don’t always see the benefits as they are focused on profit and loss and the cost to the department.


But people are your most valuable assets, something Robotics and AI has not quite mastered. Giving people the skills to listen from the top all the way to the bottom of your workforce. Gaining insight and knowledge all the way to the core of your company and giving people the chance and structure to implement there ideas effectively.

These are just a few of my thoughts, please share if you agree. #RememberToLearn

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