Square Enix will reveal the Avengers game, which has the name Marvel’s Avengers’, at its live event at E3 2019.

Well this is good news, hopefully we will get some more content to see in the coming weeks and what the game is going to look like. Is this going to be the game of the decade or a damp squib?


I would love an MMO for this, lets see what the announcement brings bookmark the dates 11th June 2019 to Friday 14th June 2019.


Square Enix has confirmed that the worldwide reveal of its Avengers game is happening at E3 2019. It was just revealed via the game’s official Twitter account, where it’s confirmed that you’ll see the reveal during Square Enix’s live event at E3, which starts at 6PM PT on June 10. What’s seemingly the name of the game is also mentioned: Marvel’s Avengers, which pretty much makes sense. 


In case you’re worried that account might be a fake, writer and creative director Shaun Escayg also shared the news on his Twitter feed, and a load of folks I know from Square Enix just started following it. Square Enix’s partnership with Marvel was announced back in January 2017, and was explained as being “multi-year, multi-game”. Crystal Dynamics is developing the game along with Eidos Montreal. 

Geoff Keighley will also be hosting the game at E3 2019’s Coliseum on the following day.

Credit:- https://www.pcgamer.com/the-avengers-game-reveal-e3-2019/

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