Thursday, February 20, 2020
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343 Industries aims for a Games of Throne level of quality for the upcoming Halo TV show


Despite not having an actual launch date and suffering from a merry-go-round of producers, showrunners and directors, the upcoming Halo TV show seems to be garnering continued enthusiasm from people working on and familiar with the project.

In an appearance on The Game Maker’s Notebook podcast, Kiki Wolfkill, the transmedia head over at 343 industries was asked about the long-awaited Halo TV project and they seemed emphatic about its potential to sit amongst the pantheon of epic television that includes the recently concluded Game of Thrones.

Obviously, the Halo TV show will have to make do without flying dragons, ice zombies and perhaps the incest, but could make up for some of those shortcomings in comparison by emphasizing the scale of the massive battle scenes Game of Thrones was also known for.

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