The recent Sony and Microsoft cloud technologies partnership had many in the tech industry pontificating on the impetus of the collaboration, with many believing it was a strategic alliance against the Axis powers of Google and Amazon’s upcoming gaming initiatives.

Well, according to PlayStation executive Jim Ryan, the rampant speculation by tech journalists about Sony and Microsoft attempting to fend off competition turns out, is based in reality.


CNET journalist Ian Sheer sat down with Ryan for a timely interview just days before the major gaming convention E3 to discuss Sony’s broader PlayStation business strategies and how the company plans to handle the transition to its next-gen console the PlayStation 5.

While discussing Sony’s hopes for a seamless transition for owners of the current crop of PlayStation consoles to the new PlayStation 5 that include support for cross-generational gameplay and backward compatibility, Ryan was hit with the question of “the PlayStation 4 has become one of the biggest selling consoles in history. How do you match that with your next-gen console?” to which he replied,

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