eCommerce Business Gets 30% More Sales Using AI Chatbot & Reveals the Secret in a New Book

The eCommerce business, Paper Models, Inc., which provides downloadable paper models for school projects since 1999, has received 30 percent increase in sales after adding an AI chatbot to their website, achieving the highest monthly sales in more than 10 years.

The President, Lon Safko, who programmed one of the very first chatbots back in 1978 and evaluated a dozen of chatbots on the market today, reviewed more than 2,000 sessions and 22,802 interactions between his website visitors and Aco, the AI chatbot, built by Acobot.AI. Here’s what he found: He discovered that not only did an AI chatbot increase his sales by 30% but also were a series of unexpected positive consequences shown from his website, customers, and business.

Safko wrote this book to help business owners like himself. He realized every owner wants to grow his businesses but has no access or understanding of new technologies. Within the book Safko shared what he learned with a thorough analysis of how the AI chatbot contributed to this dramatic increase in sales. He unveils the actionable tips on using an AI chatbot effectively, based on his own first-hand observations.

“I developed a chatbot 30 years ago as a programmer. Recently, I evaluated nearly dozens of chatbots as an eCommerce business owner. I have never seen a chatbot that delivers exceptional results like Aco,” said Safko. “I experienced 30 percent more sales! So I wrote this book about it!”

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