Over the course of Destiny 1 and Destiny 2 we have faced innumerable threats, from the lowest Dreg to Hive gods and have emerged triumphant. With Destiny 2‘s recently revealed expansion, Shadowkeep, releasing on September 17th, old horrors have re-emerged, including the mighty Crota.

Shadowkeep is all about tapping into what makes Guardians afraid, using psychological elements to layer on an air of sublime horror and subtle-yet-effective atmosphere building. While Shadowkeep will tap into the darker side of the universe, the good news is you can now embrace the fight against the Darkness on all platforms, with cross save. Jump between Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC, and continue your adventure.

To convey just how dark the story is getting, Eris Morn has returned, bringing tidings from the Moon, of horrors she has unleashed into the Solar System. These Nightmares are manifestations of a Guardians past and their battles with the Darkness but these cannot be easily killed.

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