New year, same old FIFA right? Maybe! Despite the criticism, there’s no denying that EA’s FIFA series is where the money really is. Every year the beautiful game evolves and begins to look that much more divine, as EA flexes their muscles and throws an absurd amount of licensed content at fans of real football.


This year might be the biggest year yet for FIFA as EA dials the gameplay up to 11. FIFA 20 will see an overhaul in various areas, ranging from sweeping changes in defense that’ll make your AI far more competent on the field while your own manual take on keeping your goal posts free of any scoring action will result in a far more rewarding experience according to EA.

In addition to that, FIFA 20 is also going back to the streets in small games that’ll introduce “authentic culture, creativity and style”. You pick the player, customise them and let loose in tight games of footie in areas such as a London cage, an Amsterdam underpass, and a Tokyo rooftop:


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