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Square-Enix will reveal the first official look at Marvel’s Avengers, a game announced in early 2017 as being co-developed by Crystal Dynamics and Eidos Montreal, on Monday, June 10th, but ahead of that date some major news has come out in a rather minor way.

The official Twitter account of Marvel’s Avengers tweeted a picture of a promotional banner for the game currently hanging outside of the Los Angeles Convention center. What’s most important about the photo is in the bottom right hand corner where it reveals the platforms the game is going to land on: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Google’s Stadia streaming service and PC.


What’s significant about this is that it confirms that the game is indeed going to arrive on the current generation of consoles, alleviating a fear that many had that it would be held for the next generation PlayStation and Xbox given that Square-Enix has been shy to show it off until now. As it’s more or less confirmed that both Sony and Microsoft are planning to launch their new consoles next year, it can be inferred that Marvel’s Avengers will be in the hands of players sooner rather than later.

This also makes the first “Marvel’s” branded game – the others being last year’s Marvel’s Spider-Man and the upcoming Marvel’s Iron Man VR – that won’t be exclusive to PlayStation platforms. What this means for the “Marvel’s” games speaking to one another remains to be seen, as vice-president and creative director of Marvel Games Bill Rosemann more or less confirmed that Marvel’s video game output exists in a multiverse, or MGM as it were, as opposed to the interconnected Marvel Cinematic Universe of films and select TV shows.


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