2019’s E3 season is finally here, everyone make sure your bodies are ready. Despite the awkward timing between console generations, this year’s trade show still stands to be a landmark event for video games.

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This year’s E3 is vastly different in comparison to each show that came before it since it began in 1995. For the first time in its history, Sony will not be attending E3 this year, making it the first time in 19 years where a member of “The Big Three” would be missing the show. Even the very concept of The Big Three may be changing with the impending intrusion of Google with their Stadia game-streaming platform.


Regardless, this year marks the end of a console generation and the journey to a new one. This past generation has treated The Big Three very well, so there’s a bright future ahead for the games industry. Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony each have their own perspective on the future of games, so let’s discuss what’s in store from each of them and prepare for this year’s E3.

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