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San Diego Comic Con Disney and Marvel Exclusive Funko POP Reveals

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San Diego Comic Con is nearly a month away and as is their tradition, Funko has started to unveil their exclusive POPs from the convention, which include a bunch from Marvel and Disney Animation. Below you can find photos of them as well as where you can purchase said POPs:

  • Marvel – Wong (Walgreens), Minn-Erva (GameStop), Gamora (Hot Topic), and Man-Thing (Entertainment Earth)
  • Disney – Black Cauldron (Amazon), Quasimodo (Hot Topic), Carl & Ellie (BoxLunch), Moana & Pua (BoxLunch), Chuckles (Amazon), Mr. Pricklepants (Hot Topic)

According to their website, these exclusives may be released on July 19th as “retailers can start selling their shared convention exclusives on day 2 of the show” but not prior.

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