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A Trio of Power

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Ultron thought he had the upper hand. His army of robots would be too much for the puny Avengers. But as they fought side by side, working together as one cohesive unit of unparalleled destruction, he saw his plan crumbling before his very eyes. And there, smack dab in the middle of them all was his creation, the being they had stolen from him.

He charged forward, screaming a metallic yell of rage, tackling the being that was supposed to be the first step in Earth’s evolution to a safer place. He punched the being in the stomach, sending him careening through the air into the wall. He launched himself forward only to meet a powerful golden blast pouring from the being’s forehead stone.

He was sent plummeting to the ground, using his robotic arm to shield himself. The blast wasn’t powerful enough to stop him but then he felt more energy attacking him at once. It was Iron Man’s blast and Thor’s lightning joining the being’s unceasing attack.

Ultron knew he had met his match. The Avengers was too much for him. But their doom would come.

You know that, he spoke to his creation through the wavelengths.

And Vision’s head dipped as he stopped the attack. So did Iron Man and Thor. Ultron looked at them all, his vibranium hull half melted away.

“You are only slowing the inevitable,” Ultron said. “Death will come and you won’t be able to stop it no matter how hard you try.”

Iron Man snarled within his helmet. “Hulk!”

Hulk, who was busy fighting off the last remnants of robots, turned when he heard his name, angrily grunting in response.


Ultron watched helplessly as The Hulk charged him and hit him with such a blow that he was sent flying through the air.

Vision moved alongside Iron Man, placing a hand on his shoulder. “Do not listen to his words, Stark,” he said before flying after the escaping robots.

And even though Tony heard Vision’s assurance the sense of dread he had felt since the Battle of New York only intensified. Something was coming and Tony knew when it arrived it would be the fight of their lives.

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