With Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and other emerging technologies all moving at such a fast pace. It’s great to see that Microsoft have put out there principles. But it still raises the question of how they are going to be enforced and who is responsible for monitoring them.


Designing AI to be trustworthy requires creating solutions that reflect ethical principles that are deeply rooted in important and timeless values.


AI systems should treat all people fairly


AI systems should empower everyone and engage people

Reliability & Safety

AI systems should perform reliably and safely


AI systems should be understandable

Privacy & Security

AI systems should be secure and respect privacy


AI systems should have algorithmic accountability

These all seem pretty transparent and obvious, but lets wait and see which tech company is the first to be accused of misuse of this technology. Also, what will the penalty be? A fine that is a drop in the ocean of there profits I presume.

Social Engineering and these technologies ability to influence our every day behaviours is a real worry. Just be mindful when making decisions of the impact these technologies can have.

Source: microsoft.com

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