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Hidden Facebook pages might reveal Marvel’s MCU Phase 4 secrets

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Aside from eight release dates for MCU Phase 4 films, we have no firm details about any of Marvel’s upcoming attractions. With Spider-Man: Far From Home already out, we might soon get actual titles for those upcoming movies since San Diego Comic-Con this week would be the perfect place to announce them. But there’s been a new, exciting development in the MCU, as Marvel and/or Disney may have secretly registered Facebook pages for future movies. These pages are hidden for the time being, but if Disney or Marvel owns them then they might reveal what’s coming next to the MCU now that the Thanos threat has been eliminated.

It was ComicBook that first discovered two hidden Facebook pages, including and They are dormant for the time being, so they’re inaccessible to anyone other than the page owner.

What that means is whoever owns these pages has not made them available to the public. There’s no guarantee that we’re looking at official Marvel marketing pages, as any Marvel fan could have registered them knowing that Black Widow and The Eternals are probably the first two MCU Phase 4 films. Black Widow will almost certainly be the first MCU movie of 2020, though Marvel Studios hasn’t confirmed that just yet.

As the report notes, there’s no consistency in Marvel’s choices for movie Facebook pages:

In support of the pages being official, there isn’t really a rhyme or reason for Marvel Studios’ URL naming behind their movies. While some of their bigger pages are styled like or, others ended up like and

Facebook promotion is definitely important for the studio, so if these dormant pages aren’t the real deal, Marvel will surely register others. On the same note, MCY Cosmic points out there are other similar Facebook pages including

Previous rumors did say that an Iron Hart movie might be in the making, with the Dark Avengers and Young Avengers coming up in recent leaks as well.


As is the case with the pages we mentioned previously, there’s no guarantee these are Marvel’s properties. Any fan with knowledge of the various MCU Phase 4 rumors might have created these Facebook pages. But if they’re the real deal, then it sure looks like we’ve got plenty of Avengers movies hitting the MCU in the next few years.

SDCC is just a few days away, and that’s where Marvel should tell us more about MCU Phase 4.

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