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Artificial Intelligence will allow human mind control

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By helping people with brain disorders can be helped. Also, this chip will be used to enable superhuman intelligence in humans.

Work on Neurological Disease Two years ago Alan Musk created a company named ‘Newralink’. Alan is now planning to start testing the ‘Brain Computer Interface’ technology in this company next year.

Allen says that this device will prove to be a boon for paranoid people who suffer from a neurological disorder.

Through this technology, all brain disorders will be cured. Testing on monkeys and rats is yet to be tested on monkeys and rats. The plan is to start testing humans on next year.The chip will look inside the brain

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It will be a very small chip, which will be attached to thousands of microscopic threads. It will be drilled into human brain and implanted through 4 holes. The electrodes of these threads will be able to monitor neural spikes.

These electrodes will not only be able to read the brains of humans but will also be able to change the behavior, whose feed will be saved in the smartphone app.

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