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Home Energy Savings with SpaceCoast AV’s Integrated Total Control

The SpaceCoast AV Integrated Total Control System tagline is “Control the Experience” and that very neatly sums up the goal of Total Control. This state-of-the art computerized system allows you to manage your home’s electric devices, including radios and CD players, televisions and DVD players, lamp or overhead lighting and window coverings, room temperatures, security devices and even appliances.

Depending on your budget, you can choose to control a single room or you can use Total Control to manage your entire property. Moreover, everything is accessible on your remote, tablet or smartphone from one simple menu. You control the entertainment, the mood and the efficiency of your house, truly customizing it to preferences.

Want to watch a movie with the family? With Total Control you just press a pre-programmed button and the window shades close, the lights dim and the movie starts.
Having a get-together with friends? Your Total Control system lets you stream music from an online source or your CD collection into every room in the house.
Do you arrive home after dark? With Total Control, you can turn on lights along the walkway, deactivate the alarm, and switch on lights inside the entryway to help you feel safe.
Trying to live a sustainable “green” lifestyle? Your Total Control allows you to program settings for lowering heat or raising air conditioning when the house is unoccupied. You can also open and close window coverings to take advantage of warm sunlight in cool weather or guard against harsh rays in summer, all of which lower your energy bills and lessen your carbon footprint.
And, it can all be done on-sight or remotely from work, shopping or vacation!

Your home can be the most comfortable place on earth with Total Control. You can monitor and adjust temperatures from the house keypad or via remote or smartphone to regulate heat and air conditioning during the day. Adjustments can be made according to when people are home and to modify settings through the seasons to take advantage of nature’s cool or warm temperatures.

Programmed lighting, window coverings and thermostats with Total Control will lessen your family’s consumed energy and lower your monthly bills. It is easy to monitor your habits and make adjustments to “go green” for the environment and your budget.


Make your home more comfortable and energy efficient with Total Control. Your trained systems integrator will program your system to deliver the ideal heating and cooling settings – day-to-day and season-to-season. Total Control is so versatile that you can even use it to control and automate your pool, spa or sprinkler system. Save energy while you are away with automated temperature scenes.

Good Morning

Make your mornings less hectic and more relaxing with Total Control. Create a Good Morning scene for single-touch control or automation of your morning routine. Select the perfect temperature for the master bedroom and bath. Turn on the morning news or stream soft music throughout the master suite. Set your lighting and shades for comfort and privacy.

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