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Google launches Gallery Go, a lightweight app for organizing photos offline

Google is launching a new mobile app that uses machine learning to help users organize their photos locally on their device — no internet access required.

Gallery Go, as the app is called, is available for Android devices and effectively brings many of Google Photos’ best “smart” features to the offline realm.

By way of a quick recap, Google’s cloud-based photo storage service has received a bunch of AI-infused computer vision smarts over the past few years, including a feature that automatically rotates images to the correct orientation, organizes your best snaps into albums, and even groups together your pet photos. With Gallery Go, Google is looking to expand the appeal of Google Photos to millions more users.

Presenting at its third annual Google for Nigeria event, the internet giant launched the new lightweight (10 MB), standalone app for lower-end devices. While the app will come preinstalled on some devices, including the new Itel S15 smartphone, it can be downloaded for any device running Android 8.1 (Oreo) or higher.


Gallery Go can organize photos into groups based on who or what is in frame, though the facial recognition feature may not be available in some markets — like the European Union (EU) — due to privacy regulations. However, categories such as “animals” or “nature” will be automatically shoehorned into galleries.

The feature also supports SD cards, meaning the user can transfer snaps from anywhere on their device to leverage Gallery Go.

Above: Gallery Go: Organizing photos by category

Gallery Go can also automatically tweak a photo to improve its look, and there is the usual array of filters to manually enhance an image.

Above: Google Gallery Go: Editing

Gallery Go is one of a number of “lightweight” Go-branded apps Google has introduced in recent years, including YouTube Go, which is available in dozens of markets (but not the U.S.), the Google Go search app, and Google Maps Go, which is available globally.

These apps all fit into Google’s grand plan to target the “next billion” internet users, though the company has evidently deemed Gallery Go and others worthy of being made available to everyone.

“Gallery Go helps first-time smartphone owners easily find, edit, and manage photos, without the need for access to high-speed internet or cloud backup,” said Google Photos product manager Ben Greenwood in a blog post.

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