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Global Cyber Alliance Launches Cybersecurity Development Platform For IoT Devices

The Global Cyber Alliance, a global, cross-sector effort dedicated to eradicating cyber risk has launched the Automated IoT Defence Ecosystem (AIDE). The cybersecurity platform enables small businesses, manufacturers, service providers and individuals to identify vulnerabilities, mitigate risks and secure IoT devices against the growing number of attacks on IoT devices.

The AIDE platform automatically collects data from IoT attacks data using honeyfarms located around the world to 

collect, analyze and share information about threats targeting IoT technologies with the security community.

The collected data is put into an analysis platform that is available to companies, academia, non-profits and other entities to study IoT attack signatures and patterns. Researchers will share any algorithms developed to assist AIDE in creating additional information products. Data feeds from the analysis platform will be made available to GCA partners and the security community to help the ecosystem mitigate identified attacks while preventing any further attacks of IoT devices.

Adnan Baykal, GCA Global Technical Advisor said, “with AIDE, any organisation can access our threat feeds for data, conduct analysis and even search specific activity by username, source IP, destination IP, commands, hashes and geographic location. As we continue to establish partnerships and sponsors, the platform will continue to improve and provide added value to those within the ecosystem.”

It has been estimated that there are currently 14.2 billion internet-connected devices in use. This figure is expected to increase to 41.6 billion connected IoT devices by 2025, according to IDC’s Worldwide Global DataSphere IoT Devices and Data Forecast. The need to mitigate IoT attacks, preventing further comprises is essential to accommodate the increasing number of IoT devices. One of the key findings in Microsoft’s recent IoT Signals report was that “nearly all IoT adopters — 97% — have security concerns when implementing IoT, but this is not hindering adoption.”

“The number of internet-connected devices has grown exponentially over the last decade and with it the cyber risk to companies, organisations and individuals deploying these devices on their network,” said Philip Reitinger, President and CEO of GCA. “The launch of the AIDE platform furthers GCA’s mission of providing scalable, implementable solutions to organisations of all sizes and budgets to secure their devices and reduce risk.”

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