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HRK 500 million wind farm producing 58 MW of power to be operational August 2020.

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The expected annual output of 170 GWh, or 1% of the annual electricity consumption in Croatia, will be enough to supply more than 50,000 households, HEP said in a press release.

“This investment… is indeed important because it shows that HEP, as Croatia’s strongest and most important energy company, has a good understanding of the context of Croatia’s new energy development strategy, which is being prepared, as well as of our focus on renewable energy sources, in line with our global commitments and European trends,” Plenkovic said.

“That’s why the inauguration of works on the Korlat Wind Farm and the preparation of the Korlat Solar Power Plant project are important for supplying 50,000 with electricity as well as for following global and ecological trends in energy development. I’m glad this investment contributes to GDP growth in Croatia,” he added.


The wind turbines will be made, delivered and put into operation by the German company Nordex, while the Korlat Wind Farm will be built by two Croatian companies, Ing-Grad and Fractal.

HEP CEO Frane Barbaric said the company was developing a number of other wind farms to be built by 2030, increasing output by 1,500 MW, half of which from wind farms and solar power plants.

By 2030, HEP plants to produce 350 MW of power in wind farms and as much in solar power plants, the equivalent of the output of the Krsko nuclear power plant. One of the solar power plants HEP is developing will be built next to the Korlat Wind Farm and its output would be 75 MW.

The combined power of the two plants using renewables will make Korlat a unique location for the production of green energy in Croatia. The investment is estimated at HRK 480 million, HEP said.


HEP is currently building the Vis Solar Power Plant and will soon begin work on two more, Cres and Vrlika Jug.

The company expects that by 2030 the share of renewables in its production will increase by 50% and that annual production from renewables will go up from 6 to 9 billion kWh.

(€1 = HRK 7.4)

(Source: Hina)

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