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How is Tech, AR and AI going to impact the teaching of our future generations?

With my daughter growing at a rapid pace and learning Language at an astonishing rate, it brought me to think what has changed in the time period I was taught at School, styles of learning and how Technology has impacted and will impact our Future Generations.

Children now literally have a World Wide Web of information at there fingertips from a very very young age, is this safe for a developing mind?

With social media bullying seeming to be an almost weekly event on the News. Does this raise the question how do we ensure our Children are protected?

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When I was out School you could see the bullying and people would identify it and do something about it. Now its online and people can isolate themselves from the world to the point where it is too late. 

In the UK part of the problem seems to be ever growing class sizes and teachers not having enough one to one time with 30 children during a class. Think about it less than 2 minutes for each Child in a 1 hour class to have their full attention.

What if devices were guides in learning to help, taking Children on a journey of learning designed to there specific preferences, skill levels and learning ability?

What if we used more learning applications and devices that can give children the information they need in a way that I am sure in the future can be tailored to each and every child’s needs.

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We are starting to see this on a small scale, but in the future with Augmented Reality will we have virtual teachers, with machine learning help us develop our minds?

Personally, I did not continue to University, it wasn’t right for me at the time, but if the future you were aided by AI and Machine Learning to give you the tools to pick up where you left off, when its a better life situation for you. I find learning packages at the moment very generalised – but I am finding inspiration from Microsoft Learning – Checkout the YouTube Video

Andrew reading for the first time

So to wrap up in my opinion the future is bright – but Technology and Innovation in teaching should be for the many not just the few. Tech Firms have an obligation to do more to support our Children as they will be there future generation of leaders.

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