How would technology impact lives of people in 2050?


How would technology play an important role for people in 2050?

Have you ever thought about how the world would look like in 2050? What will be different innovations and how would technology dominate humans. Well in this article we will discuss everything from energy to technology.   

Science and technology would lead. In the present scenario, the latest technologies like artificial intelligence are already ubiquitous in digital lives. Huge momentum is behind AI and all thanks to the massive amount of data gathered by computer about every like, purchases, and movement. In the future, we may sit on the couch and play custom movies of our own choice. It would be easy to analyze a film script’s storyline and forecast of box office potential with sophisticated predictive programs.

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Future of AI in 2050. Is it a boon?

Professor Richard Susskind has quoted “ we are training the young people to be good at what machines are already goofed at”. He has co-authored a book with his son. In this book, he explores the very real possibility that future experts will lose their jobs.

Various predictions made but Dr. Walsh, Piano to Killer Robots. Dr. Walsh believes the world would change in the next 30 years. According to ABC news

By 2050 we will have an AI doctor who will have knowledge of all the vulnerabilities to particular diseased. It will monitor blood pressure, sugar levels and hydration and make sure we are always healthy. It will even call for assistance if we faint. AI doctors will be so important and it is going to be a trillion dollar business.

AI will disrupt Hollywood and gaming industry both of them will merge. With AI, anyone’s avatar may be formed. With combined industry, it will cause major concerns. as it may be addicts that most of their time in the virtual world.

Imagine your boss to be a bot. In the future, the bot will be the boss in the future. A bot will have the power to hire and fire you. AI systems will increase and manage our work. A personal AI bot will have the ability to monitor our performance and so on.

You may think of a smart house where, when you enter your lights turn on automatically and give you food or clean your house.AIs will always listen.

Dr.Walsh Stated, “ Our privacy, diversity and democracy will be challanged”.

You may think of robots who are criminal. As per Dr. Walsh, AI criminals will be more powerful than human hackers. According to dr Wash,” Banks and other companies and governments will have no choice and need to invest in more sophisticated AI systems to defend themselves from attack”.

You must have heard of various AI trained robots who have beat top players in games. AI teams will be so good and will lead most humans a break. Most teams will continue o employ, human athletes. Nevertheless, AI systems will change sports management and way of playing game.

Imagine a place where you will find only autonomous vehicles. Safety and efficiency will be improved in the future. Dr. Walsh Believes that trains and planes for cargo first go for autonomous. Several safe trips will make people able to trust that AIs are ready to help.

It will be great where AI agents will be capable of writing news on finance and sports. You may find a news channel where Avatars and chatbots will start presenting news on television which may be further tailored. 

It is interesting and disturbing prediction by Dr. Walsh. After we are no more, we will leave behind AI chatbots who would talk like us, know our life story and comfort our family. It will be able to read the will and help relieve our loved one’s grief through humor. 

Future of Work in 2050. Is it a threat or Opportunity?

If we look at the statistics, job creation is the biggest development challenges. It is no doubt technology is drastically changing the way we work. How would the job market look like in 2050? Will people lose their jobs because of automation or there will be a still number of job. 

So according to Paul Mason who is the emerging technologies director for Innovate UK, jobs will remain and will be multifaceted and changeable.whereas many constant new areas will be for people. And in 2050 people will continue to update skills. Anand Chopra-McGowan is optimistic about the employment if skills are honed. 

Earlier we used technology to replicate old ways of working, as a way to make old practices quicker and cheaper. We are now in the third computational wave where machines are able to learn and adapt. According to Dave Coplin, a chief envisioning officer for Microsoft UK, It is going to lead a huge economic impact. The business will think now whether to have automated workforce or should it take the diving and work to create new jobs. Jobs that we have today we won’t have in the future. 

Future Scenarios: Millenium project had conducted a global study.

A research has been conducted by futurists and other experts related to future work technology dynamics millennium project found three primary scenarios for future technology work dynamics for 2050. The three scenarios are 

  • It’s complicated—- A Mix Bag.
  • Political/Economical turmoil—- Future despair.
  • If Humans were free —- the self-actualization Economy.

It’s Complicated—-A Mixed Bag.

 it will accelerate the business with advancements in Next technologies like AI, robotics, synthetic biology, 3D/4D printing, and bioprinting, IOT drones, nanotechnology, VR and AR, blockchain, cloud analytics and the extraordinary synergies among these technologies with a cluster of a breakthrough in the early 2020s.

A mixed bag is observed in terms of self-employment and traditional employment structures, most of the repetitive work will be replaced by machines and software. It will lead to more creative work. It will lead to drastic variations across the regions will be mostly due to various level of adoptions of Next technologies.

Political/Economical turmoil- Future Despair.

Political leaders who we have are mired in short term political conflicts and always think about them selfs, selfish, short-sighted business and economic thinking. It will lead business after business to become obsolete in a late 2020s and early 2030s.

 the public pays more attention to superficial news coverage and trivial social media. Future changes and New technology development are largely ignored. The education system is way behind technological advancement. It has left no ability to get a job or create meaningful self-employment.

There are no long term strategies in place which could reduce the devastating impacts of the dramatic growth of unemployment around the world. Mostly in high and middle-income countries. During the first half of 20th-century income, gaps got widen and it was employment less economic growth.

Scenario 3: if humans were Free- A self-actualization of the economy.

We would have experienced a transition to the self-actualization economy and it could come a long way by 2050. It is the first time in history, humanity is actively engaged in probing the meaning of life and possible futures. 

It has been a shift from human labor and knowledge to machine labor and knowledge has freed humanity from the necessity of having a job to earn a living and achieve self-respect.

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