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Is Data the New Oil?

Data is everywhere and its growing constantly. Its used in a multitude of ways and most of the time we don’t even realize it. From directing your advertisements to suggestions by your Smart Devices. It is no longer being deleted but being stored for future reference and analysis so it can start to predict you! Influencing your purchases and sometime even your decisions.Sponsored…
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Microsoft Announces New Research Report On State Of IoT Adoption

Microsoft recentlyannouncedIoT Signals, a new research report on the IoT landscape globally. Microsoft surveyed over 3,000 IoT decision-makers in enterprise organizations in order to give a view of the IoT ecosystem, with adoption rates, related technology trends, challenges, and benefits of IoT.According to the findings of the report, IoT adoption is growing rapidly and…
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IoT and Transportation: How Smart Cities Can Drastically Reduce Congestion

You’re on your way to work in your driverless car. The sounds of coffee sips and turning pages of your go-to magazine fill the air while your car is talking to the car ahead of it and behind it, at the same time. Traffic lights are giving a heads-up about possible congestion ahead, so the car decides to take an alternative route and you reach work without any fuss.The scene isn’t from a…
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DeepMind’s AI learns to generate realistic videos by watching YouTube clips

Perhaps you’ve heard of FaceApp, the mobile app that taps AI to transform selfies, or This Person Does Not Exist, which surfaces computer-generated photos of fictional people. But what about an algorithm whose videos are wholly novel? One of the newest papers from Google parent company Alphabet’s DeepMind (“Efficient Video Generation on Complex Datasets”) details recent advances in the…
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