Ava of ‘Ex Machina’ Is Just Sci-Fi (for Now)

Are technology companies running too fast into the future and creating things that could potentially wreak havoc on humankind?That question has been swirling around in my head ever since I saw the enthralling science-fiction film “Ex Machina.”The movie offers a clever version of therobots versus humansnarrative. But what makes “Ex Machina” different from the usual…
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Microsoft AI Principles

With Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and other emerging technologies all moving at such a fast pace. It’s great to see that Microsoft have put out there principles. But it still raises the question of how they are going to be enforced and who is responsible for monitoring them.PrinciplesDesigning AI to be trustworthy requires creating solutions that reflect ethical…
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The 3 Factions of Artificial Intelligence

“Hydrogen…, given enough time, turns into people.”-Edward Robert Harrison, 1995There isn’t a consensus on theWhenandWhatof AI.When will this change happen (if ever)?What will this change mean for the future of humans?According to the physicist and cosmologist, Max Tegmark – author of Life 3.0: Being Human in the Age of Artificial…
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Intel’s Naveen Rao thinks AI will transform health, solve world hunger, and support space travel

During a wide-ranging discussion at Amazon’sre:MARSconference in Las Vegas, Naveen Rao, corporate vice president and general manager of AI at Intel, spoke about machine learning’s rapid progress and the fields it might transform, in addition to the steps he believes must be taken to ensure it’s not abused.Rao compared the advent of modern AI approaches with the iPhone. Like…
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