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Artificial Intelligence will be useful where Intelligence is!

The father of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Alan Turing had developed the perfect test to determine when a machine can be considered “intelligent”: When the person interacting with it (written form of communication back...

Trends in Connected Health & Wellness Devices | Outlook by 2027

Connected health devices use digital media, mobile devices, and health technology. Connected health devices enable healthcare professionals (HCPs), care givers, and patients to easily access information and improve the...

Future of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence has been determined for decades but was first associated with robots only. However, at that time, Amnesty International joined in almost everything we use and called smart. AI...

Microsoft unveils Azure Arc, Stack Edge, and new virtual machine instances

Microsoft today announced a slew of new collaboration and productivity services to kick off its Ignite conference in Orlando, Florida. Azure took the spotlight, headlined by Azure Arc —...

Four effective strategies that will help you become a brilliant Python programmer

According to Google’s latest survey, Python assignment writing services have been the most demanded one in 2018. Python today is considered to be as one of the most widespread and versatile...

How Do Companies Track your Movement Through their Websites?

Ever wondered how your website activities are tracked by the likes of Google, Facebook, Apple (to name a few)? This Article explains exactly how it is...

Association Analysis in a Nutshell

In this post, I will be explaining the uses and how can one apply association analysis onto solving real-life issues. Let’s begin by defining Association analysis.

What is GitHub and Why is it Used?

There was a question that I could never seem to answer when I was teaching myself how to code: “What is GitHub, and what does it do, exactly?”

The Value of Citizen Data Scientists (and how to empower them)

In the past few years, demand for employees with data-based skills has increased. In fact, Tech HQ notes that between 2013 and 2018 demand for data scientists jumped 344%, and IBM predicts that...

How To Write a Strong Data Governance Policy

Data has become a large part of how businesses operate, but managing company data while maintaining compliance with regulations can be challenging. From the start, it is important to...

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