Tuesday, July 16, 2019


Ava of ‘Ex Machina’ Is Just Sci-Fi (for Now)

Are technology companies running too fast into the future and creating things that could potentially wreak havoc on humankind?

Artificial intelligence could change the way we detect, treat breast cancer 

The same technology that powers Siri and face recognition on your iPhone has also found success in medicine. By automatically analyzing microscopic...

Enabling Digital Transformation With New Age Technologies

Digital Sensing enables you to continuously listen to your customers across channels, discover the context and trigger processes for appropriate real-time...

Microsoft AI Principles

With Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and other emerging technologies all moving at such a fast pace. It's great to see that Microsoft...

Artificial Intelligence classifies people’s emotions from the way they walk

Great article, it seems that news innovations of AI seem to be appearing everyday and we love sharing them with you. Check...

AI predicts college student stress from phone sensor and questionnaire data

College students lead stressful lives. They’ve got assignments to complete...

eCommerce Business Gets 30% More Sales Using AI Chatbot & Reveals the Secret in a New Book

The eCommerce business, Paper Models, Inc., which provides downloadable paper models for school projects since 1999, has received 30 percent increase in sales after adding an AI chatbot to their website https://www.PaperModelsOnline.com, achieving the highest monthly sales in more than 10 years. Read More

Amazon’s AI rewrites voice commands in natural language to reduce false positives

Check out this great article on Amazon AI - please hare and visit the site.