Microsoft unveils Azure Arc, Stack Edge, and new virtual machine instances

Microsoft today announced a slew of new collaboration and productivity services to kick off its Ignite conference in Orlando, Florida. Azure took the spotlight, headlined by Azure Arc —...

Data Analytics: Common Pitfalls of Not Asking Enough Questions and What Questions You Should...

As part of my job, I receive requests for data daily from those within my department and those outside my department. The requests usually come in one of two forms. The...

Effective Data Analytics Is as Much About People as It Is About Numbers

As technical as it is, data analytics is a fundamentally human enterprise with profoundly human stakes. When people outside the industry ask me about my work,...

Technology, Infrastructure and Sustainability

Technology can be associated with human progression as the innovative inventions such as hospital equipment, transportation and farming innovations are able to provide for a better standard of living....

How To Write a Strong Data Governance Policy

Data has become a large part of how businesses operate, but managing company data while maintaining compliance with regulations can be challenging. From the start, it is important to...

The Economics Of Artificial Intelligence – How Cheaper Predictions Will Change The World

The Economics Of Artificial Intelligence – How Cheaper Predictions Will Change The World

Is Data the New Oil?

Data is everywhere and its growing constantly. Its used in a multitude of ways and most of the time we don’t even realize it. From directing your advertisements to suggestions by...

The BI Journey: The Journey Begins

Wow, I can really relate to this series of articles through my career so far. Please share this Journey and maybe influence somebody else who is interested in analytics.

The Value of Citizen Data Scientists (and how to empower them)

In the past few years, demand for employees with data-based skills has increased. In fact, Tech HQ notes that between 2013 and 2018 demand for data scientists jumped 344%, and IBM predicts that...

What is GitHub and Why is it Used?

There was a question that I could never seem to answer when I was teaching myself how to code: “What is GitHub, and what does it do, exactly?”

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