The Ultimate E3 Wishlist: Expectations v. Reality

Christmas for gamers comes twice a year. The obvious one is the day that jelly-bellied dude in...

Watch The Surge 2 ‘You Are What You Kill’ Trailer

The Surge 2: Pick your load-out in the most violent way possible with the new You Are What You Kill Trailer The Surge 2 brings the...

Five of the best VR headsets

Check out this great article from the the Guardian, but no place for the Oculus Go? Also I really do wish Nintendo would look to release into VR in...

Nintendo Switch Pro Cancelled?

Nintendo Switch Lite is the only new console Nintendo is planning to release this year, it has been revealed. The smaller, lighter and handheld-only Switch Lite was...

Wolfenstein: Youngblood – gaming news, trailer and review!

In Wolfenstein's alternate 1980s, Nazis remain a tyrannical force of evil and oppression across Europe, even after Hitler was killed by series protagonist BJ Blazkowicz. Thus, the Nazi killing...

PS5 Price and release updates

Good news for PlayStation VR fans A new PlayStation VR is reportedly in the works for the PS5, although it doesn’t appear it will be...

Time to Switch! Although E3 has ended, and I am...

Gaming PS Plus Free Games SHOCK!

PS4 leak could be big news for PlayStation fans The PS Plus free games for July 2019 saw a shock switch before they went live...

Nintendo Direct E3 2019 Full Recap – Zelda, Luigi’s Mansion, Banjo In Smash and...

The Nintendo E3 2019 Direct has kicked off to the right beat. Right off the bat, It begins with the perhaps unsurprising announcement of the next Smash Bros Ultimate DLC character Reveal. The Dragon Quest XI S gang is coming to the Super Smash Bros Ultimate. Read More

The Top Video Games: June 2019 Release

Check out some of the awesome games available this June. I think some people may look like the feature image!!!!

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