Is Data the New Oil?

Data is everywhere and its growing constantly. Its used in a multitude of ways and most of the time we don’t even realize it. From directing your advertisements to suggestions by...

Growing acceptance of Smart Home devices

Growing Acceptance of Smart Home Devices Will Drive Double-Digit Growth Through 2023, According to a New IDC Forecast FRAMINGHAM, Mass. — Global shipments for smart home...

IKEA’s Symfonisk speakers put Sonos in cheaper, more versatile furniture forms

IKEA and Sonos' speaker range has arrived. The Bookshelf speaker is an ideal budget device for anywhere in your home. The Table Lamp speaker, however, is a matter of...

Hey, Google, why are your contractors listening to me?

Thanks to how your Google Home voice assistant records our conversations, which are sometimes triggered by mistake, audio clips – both those recorded on purpose and otherwise – are...

Oculus Quest headset might be getting an assistant

A new application package on the Oculus Quest seems to indicate that the device may receive a feature called the “Oculus Assistant” in a future update. The application...

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