Sidecar will turn your iPad into a second screen and it works beautifully

Similar to apps and hardware like Duet Display and Luna Display, Apple now has its own remote display software coming to Catalina on Mac.

Head of Apple design Jony Ive to leave at the end of the year

In a very surprising announcement, Apple revealed yesterday that its Chief Design Officer Jony Ive would leave the company at the end of...

Apple Versus Google: Who’s Winning the App War?

Picking a smartphone to accompany you through life isn’t just about choosing between iOS and Android: It’s also about deciding which apps you’re going to pick for your emails,...

5G News – No Apple Handset Till 2020

Well it looks like Apple are behind the game on 5G, with 5G networks being deployed in major cities around the UK already.

10 new features Apple borrowed, copied, and stole from Google, Samsung, Microsoft, and Fitbit...

Apple unveiled a list of new things during its WWDC keynote, but most of them were old news to Android fans. Apple’s WWDC keynote was...

Details about Samsung’s Galaxy Fold design changes have leaked – Android Police

Bet Samsung aren't too happy about this Click below.

The Sinister World of Smart Phones

Checkout this post from tumblr - anything look familiar?

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