5G News – No Apple Handset Till 2020

Well it looks like Apple are behind the game on 5G, with 5G networks being deployed in major cities around the UK already.

Good technology and worker happiness go hand in hand

Workers with access to technology that helps them work more productively helps them reduce their stress levels, according to a new report.

High-flying CEOs are trying to brain-zap their way to happiness

At a clinic on the coast of Spain, business leaders and high-powered diplomats come to unwind and relax with healthy food, spa treatments, and brain zapping

Why We Must Reckon With The Tech Hype Gap

Almost without fail, new technologies grab the mantle of conversation before they achieve any viability. Future-minded companies and tech media want to get ahead of the technology curve,...

Google’s DeepMind is using StarCraft II to help train self-driving cars

The techniques developed to help DeepMind play the almost decade-old strategy game are now being used to quickly retrain neural networks for self-driving vehicles. Finding...

Artificial Intelligence classifies people’s emotions from the way they walk

Great article, it seems that news innovations of AI seem to be appearing everyday and we love sharing them with you. Check out this article below.

The dangers and benefits of Artificial Intelligence

The threat of Artificial Intelligence (AI) used to be nothing more than a science fiction doomsday scenario....

Firefox is reinventing its Android app to undo Chrome’s monopoly

Firefox Preview is Mozilla's attempt to rebuild its Android web browser. The group doesn't want a web where Google is in complete control...

DeepMind’s AI learns to generate realistic videos by watching YouTube clips

Perhaps you’ve heard of FaceApp, the mobile app that taps AI to transform selfies, or This Person Does Not Exist, which surfaces computer-generated photos of fictional people. But what...

The History of Windows

In this blog, we will talk about the world’s most popular operating system, Microsoft Windows. So let’s begin… What is Windows?

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