Microsoft has unveiled its new mixed reality AI translation technology. Microsoft launched this new technology at Las Vegas, during a keynote at the Microsoft Inspire partner conference.

DeepMind’s AI learns to generate realistic videos by watching YouTube clips

Perhaps you’ve heard of FaceApp, the mobile app that taps AI to transform selfies, or This Person Does Not Exist, which surfaces computer-generated photos of fictional people. But what...

IKEA’s Symfonisk speakers put Sonos in cheaper, more versatile furniture forms

IKEA and Sonos' speaker range has arrived. The Bookshelf speaker is an ideal budget device for anywhere in your home. The Table Lamp speaker, however, is a matter of...

Artificial Intelligence will allow human mind control

By helping people with brain disorders can be helped. Also, this chip will be used to enable superhuman intelligence in humans. Work on Neurological Disease Two...

Enabling Digital Transformation With New Age Technologies

Digital Sensing enables you to continuously listen to your customers across channels, discover the context and trigger processes for appropriate real-time action or response. Virender...

Google launches Gallery Go, a lightweight app for organizing photos offline

Google is launching a new mobile app that uses machine learning to help users organize their photos locally on their device — no internet access required.

How is Tech, AR and AI going to impact the teaching of our future...

With my daughter growing at a rapid pace and learning Language at an astonishing rate, it brought me to think what has changed in the...

New solar technology could produce clean drinking water for millions in need

Tanklike devices called solar stills use the sun to evaporate dirty or salty water and condense the vapor into safe drinking water. But large,...

Microsoft launches Stranger Things-inspired Windows 1.11 app, Windows theme, and STEM camps in the...

Following some mysterious tweets last week and the discovery of the Windows 1.11 app on the Microsoft Store, Microsoft’s marketing campaign for Netflix’s Stranger Things season 3 has reached a new milestone today....

Amazon’s just Dropped its First Major Early Prime Day Deal

Just over a week away, get ready Amazon Prime Day is on the Way - but an early offer is out now get the Echo Dot for £24.99!

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