Enabling Digital Transformation With New Age Technologies

Digital Sensing enables you to continuously listen to your customers across channels, discover the context and trigger processes for appropriate real-time action or response. Virender...

Amazon’s just Dropped its First Major Early Prime Day Deal

Just over a week away, get ready Amazon Prime Day is on the Way - but an early offer is out now get the Echo Dot for £24.99!

Why We Must Reckon With The Tech Hype Gap

Almost without fail, new technologies grab the mantle of conversation before they achieve any viability. Future-minded companies and tech media want to get ahead of the technology curve,...

Galaxy Note 10 Release

9 Things to Do Before Galaxy Arrives The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 release date is getting closer which means those of you interested in buying one should...

Microsoft AI Principles

With Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and other emerging technologies all moving at such a fast pace. It's great to see that Microsoft have put out there principles. But it...

Artificial Intelligence classifies people’s emotions from the way they walk

Great article, it seems that news innovations of AI seem to be appearing everyday and we love sharing them with you. Check out this article below.

Firefox is reinventing its Android app to undo Chrome’s monopoly

Firefox Preview is Mozilla's attempt to rebuild its Android web browser. The group doesn't want a web where Google is in complete control...

Sidecar will turn your iPad into a second screen and it works beautifully

Similar to apps and hardware like Duet Display and Luna Display, Apple now has its own remote display software coming to Catalina on Mac.

Good technology and worker happiness go hand in hand

Workers with access to technology that helps them work more productively helps them reduce their stress levels, according to a new report.

New solar technology could produce clean drinking water for millions in need

Tanklike devices called solar stills use the sun to evaporate dirty or salty water and condense the vapor into safe drinking water. But large,...

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