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Happy Sunday!! I have been really busy on the site over the last week or so and have decided to go back to my roots after a comment on Insta – which said I wasn’t posting any tech stuff anymore. They were right I took the easy option […]

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Hey Everyone, Thanks for checking out the blog, I have been really busy with the site and hope you are enjoying the trailers and pages, I am trying to make a community with similar interests to mine as well as some products that you may like. I have […]

It’s Blog Time

#new #followme #techsocialnetwork #Marvel #Spiderman Hey everyone, hoping you are having a great weekend if you are reading this and feel free to share it. i have been busy on the site adding new content including Spiderman, Collages and more to come – check out the trailer as […]

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Hey Everyone, Thanks for all the likes and shares, we have had a lot of support this week and think we will soon break the 1k mark on Facebook. I have fixed the website (hopefully) and am slowing down on the posts and try and feature more originals […]

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Hey Everyone, It’s been a while since I blogged, mainly due to Christmas and work. But trying to get back into a routine, you know that feeling when you are all out of sync. I have been busy and seen loads of new media. Marvel, DC and cool […]

Happy Holidays – Really excited about 2019

Hope everyone is having a good few days of relaxation. Personally I have been enjoying lots of movies and preferably not of the Chrismas kind. Thor Ragnarok, Avengers Multiple and X-MEN – so far. Also squeezing some in with my 20 month old daughter. It’s a time for […]

Marvel, DC, Sega & Nintendo

#like #follow #share #join us In recovery from my Christmas Party but still alive – Just… I have been working on the website this week and we have also launched an android app. The members gaming section has also been updated with a link to a large choice […]

#Loving #Life and #New #Tech

Happy weekend everyone. I have learnt a lot. On Tuesday I went to an event in Leeds about Analytics in HR and the University. Very interesting if you are in to Analytics, even learning more about NLP and AI. Finally made the switch to Samsung and traded in […]

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  Hi Everyone,   It’s the weekend again and I have had another fantastic week, I have just updated the forums so please check the gaming section out 🙂   Most of my attention this week on Insta and Facebook has been on Marvel and Gaming […]

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Hi Everyone, Its been a busy week again and I have learnt an awful lot, lots of things have caught my attention Zelda Art, onto other game art onto memes and finnaly Marvel. I have shared a section above that I will be uploading most of the posts […]

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