Analytics & My Journey So Far

Well it has been a while since I did a post on Analytics but its been a busy 6 months. I have learnt an awful lot in terms of people analytics and statistics. Read More

techsocialnetwork top blogs

Personally, I feel it’s good to keep learning, taking in others perspectives and formulating your own opinions. All I ask is that you keep an open mind like I do and if you see anything you think is share worthy please do. Read More

techsocialnetwork – This is a site for all things #Tech #Gaming #Marvel #DC

Please visit and check our some of our content and shared content – enjoy.

Apple A13 Chip: AI and AR all in the one chip.

The A13 is the latest in line for this series of chips which has been the driving force for apple products for many years now. If you have read any of my other content you know that we are passionate about AI and AR and apple looks to feel the same with the Chipset looking to heavily support these technologies.

Dear Future AI

This one is from tumblr – just seen this blog, well worth a share.

Samsung 512GB microSD Card for $99.99 is the Best Memory Deal of the Day

Wow, had to share seems like memory prices always seem to be coming down.

Endgame Alternate Ending – Check it out

Stark and Parker – Check it out

The Black Widow

Loki from Tumblr – check this out

Love this from tumblr – please check it out.

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