Social Media

Our Instagram Feed

Instagram is one of my fastest growing Social Media Platforms with currently 7 thousand followers and growing daily.

We have a wide variety of content from Gaming images and Meme’s to Tech and Marvel and whatever is of interest at the time.

If you would like to feature any content on the website join and get in touch, happy to help members.

Content is added to our galleries, forums and albums regularly so please check back with us when you have some free time if you like our content.

If you want to visit us on Insta please just follow the link below.

Our Twitter Feed

This is my second most followed Social Media platform at the moment with over 3 thousand followers.

Twitted is an awesome platform as you can quickly dip into content throughout the day. Also lots of good media on the Marvel and DC pages.

Our twitter following is not all Marvel though, we also feature future tech, AI, machine learning, robotics and much more.

It’s a little more general but hope you like and share our stuff as well as some of the things we are sharing.

Our Facebook Feed

This is my third most followed Social Media platform at the moment with over 1 thousand followers.

We are currently featuring more content on FB, including event dates for film releases and trailers.

More to come on Facebook, and please take the opportunity to follow the page – I am trying to create a community with similar interests.